CG AVOCATS assists both insurers and insureds in setting up insurance policies and managing disputes, both amicably and judicially, including during the survey phase.

The firm:

  • analyses, negotiates and drafts general conditions of insurance for property and casualty, personal provident (foresight) and loan protection insurance, booklets or other advertising documents according to the specific needs of each of its clients, companies, intermediaries or policyholders,
  • advises, assists and negotiates on behalf of its clients with insurance companies in the event of difficulties in the interpretation and/or execution of subscribed policies (damage, ten-year, property and casualty (damage, civil liability and professional liability), provident and loan protection insurance),
  • advises, assists and represents clients before all courts of first instance and appeal, both in summary proceedings and on the merits, as well as in enforcement proceedings,
  • advises, assists and represents its clients during amicable and judicial survey operations in the fields covered by the insurance policies in question (property damage, construction, liability, etc.).